407-730-7983-Angels for kids on call 24/7

407-730-7983-Angels for kids on call 24/7


We are Angels for Kids on Call 24/7, Inc We are a community mental health agency that works together towards the well-being of the client.  We provide the services and resources necessary to enable the client in living a complete, satisfactory lifestyle by addressing all of their mental, physical and social issues.

Our vision & Mission

Our vision is To improve the delivery and collaboration of services to all persons affected by mental illness and developmental disabilities”The mission of Angels For Kids On-Call is to provide innovative solutions for all individuals, groups and communities affected by mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders and developmental disabilities. Angels For Kids On-Call offers collaborative medical, behavioral, case management and educational services to identify and treat all factors that influence health: physical, mental, environmental, and biochemical.

•Angels For Kids On-Call is a multicultural bi-lingual multidisciplinary behavioral health center located in Central Florida. This center is the vision of our Co-Founder Elizabeth Valencia. She has both professional experience working in the health care industry and consumer experience of accessing services for her bi-lingual Autistic son.  Through her observations and experiences she concluded that an agency with a multicultural, bi-lingual, multidisciplinary, focus is sought after by both consumers and professionals.